Oh, hello!

A Manifesto of Sorts

I'm a firm believer in manifesting yourself. You can cultivate the life that you want by consistently checking in with yourself and making conscious moves to get there. I believe that you have the ability to access your truest self from within and let it shine. Make moves towards what you truly desire, and watch the universe deliver. If that all sounds a bit woo-woo, that's because it is. Doesn't make it any less true though. Empower yourself.

About Me

My name is Marine, like the ocean. (But my friends call me Mo!) I was born in France, grew up in New Jersey, and spent almost a decade living just outside of Philadelphia. In March 2018, my husband and I sold most of our belongings and moved all the way across the country to Portland, Oregon. The whole experience gave me an opportunity to re-evaluate the value of things in my life, and I'm making a conscious effort not to fall back into the oh-so-familiar patterns of complacency. This next chapter of my life is about slowly but consciously cultivating a life full of intention, gratitude, curiosity, and authenticity. I'm grateful for the journey, and all the people I connect with along the way.

If we met in real life, you'd most likely find me concocting something in the kitchen, hiking a nearby trail, teaching a yoga class, or sitting on the couch with a cat in my lap. I french fries, herbal tea & naps, am terrible about flossing, and have a habit of asking way too many questions.


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